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Secure Hosting for Maui

I provide secure and stable hosting for clients on Maui. My clientele stays with me, some for twenty years! 

I have been reselling hosting since 2001. I have seen it all. My experience benefits you directly with a balance of cost and stability that outperforms shared hosting at a price point far below managed services by other providers. I do not allow just anyone on my servers and we must be a good fit for each other. All sites on my server also pay an additional cost for software updates and security monitoring. The vast majority of sites are wordpress sites that I have developed for my clients. If you want to see if Maui Web Site Hosting is right for you, give me a call at 808 283 7651.

Secure Hosting for Clients Abroad

Because I have such a high retention with web and hosting clients, several have moved abroad and continue to host with Maui I have clients in Portugal, Canada, California, Portland and Washington State. I can serve your hosting needs from anywhere that you work, live or play.

What hosting services do Maui clients use?

I also provide hosting management services on other hosting platforms. If you need a site developed at any host, I can provide that. If you use shared hosting, managed word press hosting, dedicated server hosting or any other kind of hosting, I can help.

Some of my clients have sites with Bluehost hosting, Godaddy hosting, WP Engine hosting, or have another hosting solution that I help them manage. All of my website services integrate with any hosting platform that you choose to use.

How much do Maui Hosting Services Cost?

I provide hosting for $200 yearly. This includes routine server management, maintenance and upgrades to keep everything running smoothly. I can provide more and less costly hosting services with third parties and can find the right fit for you and your website or websites.