• Getting a consult for your business can be frustrating because consultants all have different ideas and different skill sets for helping you. Many have very specific plans that they try to apply to every business and every type of business owner/manager. What sets me apart is that I have 40+ years of experience with software, 30 years experience online, and 20+ years experience with web development for small businesses on Maui and also the Mainland United States.
  • Many consultants may have a plan for you. They know one route and it works for the businesses it works for. I am an open consultant. I bring a vast array of knowledge to bear on your particular issue. I have a diverse array of experience in development of web presence, marketing, hosting, imaging, writing and office management. I see the overlap and outcomes of applying a given solution, when it will work and when it won’t. I can see new solutions by combining steadfast solutions in new ways. I will help you clarify what you want to achieve, research and organize the data needed to make a plan, execute that plan, and achieve your goal.
  • I am an open consultant. My job is to provide you with solutions that fit your individual needs not my agenda. We’ll do research and decision making together for the best possible outcomes. I have 20 years of professional website development, computer networking and repair and monitoring of current technologies with small and micro businesses, with resort properties, design firms, international artists and sundry others. If you only need a unique way to present or password protect a slideshow, or if you need to strategize a large web development project, I am here for you with my wealth of knowledge; covering programming and display languages, web development software, imaging software, office software, communications software, windows software, server software, ad copy, marketing software, social systems and a large array of software. I have an innate understanding of how software works and can tutor you on most any platform so that you too can perform the tasks you need to perform and succeed.