Tatsu Builder Attacked

Wordfence has released a bulletin tracking over a million attacks over the past weekend against “Tatsu Builder” against a vulnerability that was disclosed on March 24, 2022.

Wordfence reports that Wordfence users with the firewall active would resist this attack.

Infosectoday has also released a blog post mentioning Wordfence’s release and say that approximately 12.5000 sites are at risk from this ongoing security breach.

Github shows that Tatsu Builder has not been updated since March 12, 2002. Therefore a great many sites may remain vulnerable and are likely succumbing to the attack.

None of the sites I currently maintain utilize Tatsu Builder and everyone with a security subscription by me is cleared.

Maui Computer.com protects your site from security breaches and the installation of malicious software and other attacks with powerful Wordfence security, regular backups, updates of plugins and other software and verification by human eyes, mine!

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