Google Announces Update to Storage Policy

As a renter of 100GB of Google cloud storage at only $1/month I have been exceedingly happy with the service and rates.

Google announced to me today via email that they would be changing the Google Photo storage policy

They do not say it directly but it indicates we will have less storage overall for the rate we pay.

I am currently using 23.7 of 100GB. This includes HD synced phone pictures, a variety of client website backups and phone videos.

Google teased me previously saying if I synced in Hi Def, then they would not apply the file size to my totals.

Now of course they are going to add any new Hi Def file sizes to the totals.
And by doing so, they will generate revenue.

Fancy psychological marketing tactics to get us used to paying them that utilize their monopolistic power over the dataspace.

It is still incredibly economical and convenient.

If you need help setting up online or cloud syncing of your data, drop me a line.

Please enjoy the picture of Mamake Tea I took on a hike in the the rainforest of Maui, somewhere above Olinda.

Hawaiian Mamake for tea
A wild Hawaiian Mamake tea plant – by Jesse Francis, April 2018