Two Hour Consult

Grab two hours of my time. Just me and my knowledge and skills at your disposal for two whole hours over the phone, skype, google hangouts, or any type of web conference that I can join with you.
Ask me anything. I will research anything I am unsure of while we speak. I will tutor you howto do what you want to do.
I will bring you context, perspective, nuance, options, alternatives, and help you form the ideas or feelings you need to make a decision you can be confident of.
This Online Business Consult is not limited to any particular area of knowledge or expertise.
We’ll schedule a time where we both can be free of other obligations.

Not sure which plugin to choose for your unique wordpress needs?
Not sure what host to use for your new website?
How should you setup your businesses email system?
Can I help you get past the gsuite spam filters with your newsletter?
How can you bulk edit images in photoshop?
How can you move bulk data via spreadsheets into online databases or export data from online to your local spreadsheet?
Need help with your hosts control panel?
Want to compare a variety of apps to choose the best for your needs?
If you can ask it, I can answer it or help you find the answer efficiently.