Posting from ScribeFire should be much easier than posting from the phone.

And Indeed ScribeFire is more feature rich than could be a mobile phone client such as WordPress for Android or EasyBlog for Android.

With extras such as quoting, font size, color, underline, strikethrough, supoerscript, subscript, easy image importing….. Image alignment, image title tag and more. Linking, as in this link to ScribeFire’s Mozilla Add On for blogging website is easy and intuitive.

ScribeFire also accepts pure HTML and appears to be XHTML strict formatting.

I’m still testing it out as well as this new WordPress blog so please bear with me. I haven’t even modified the theme yet.

If you’re wondering about the waterfall to the right, it is the 5th waterfall at Bamboo Pools at Papaea Maui, Hawaii, off the Road to Hana.

After a long hike through Bamboo forests, up slippery mud ridden rocks, up a ladder over a cliffside, and finally swimming a chanel to climb a 3rd waterfall, (you just pass by the first), the 5th, (4th climbed), and coveted waterfall is attained. With a wide shallow shelf for lounging and excellent jumping and diving points, this is one of my favorite waterfalls on this side of the island.

I even saw this gorgeous Damsel Fly there.