phpMyBackupPro is VERY EASY to use

phpMyBackupPro easy automated site backup
phpMyBackupPro is


  • Easy to install: just upload it, and chmod two folders to WRITE, set a very simple cron job in your control panel, go to your new directory to login and change your admin password.
  • Easy to use: Setup a new schedule, include an email address for notification, an ftp server to upload to (if you want a complete site backup) and your database information.
  • Thats IT!

If you need site backups and don’t want to do it all yourself all the time, this handy open source, (means free!) utility makes it a snap.

It took me ten minutes to install on a site. It does not have a lot of options but it has the right ones and could make your life a breeze.

I highly recommend this software. I am not affiliated in any way with the producers.