CK WHOLESALE EXPO – Innovative ~ Forward Thinking ~ High End

I made CK Wholesale Expo for Jason Robert Harris and Laura Wentworth and they are the creators and producers of the event CONNOISSEUR KULTURE WHOLESALE EXPO May 11 & 12 2012.

The site is redesigned on WordPress so they have been able to update it pretty much daily without my help. Unlike many sites they actually post frequently with new images and information about the event and the underground culture they represent.

I wrote a small PHP script so that the first few rows of sponsor logos appear in order, the first few rows, and every time you refresh the page the logos below them will shuffle. They are built as backgrounds to divs with tags with CSS set to display:block. The reason for making them backgrounds and one big image is load time. One sprite image can be loaded and manipulated instead of loading 40+ images.

The entire site with backend came out to a very reasonable price and I came in under quote. I also added some select plugins to prevent spam and make the site easier to manage.

Plugins include an alternate theme plugin for IPHONE for easier reading. And because IPHONE could not handle the original theme well. Another plugin, that I install on all the WordPress-engined sites is “Invisible Captcha” which prevents a huge amount of spam with a very easy javascript device. I should point out that my friend and programming mentor Keith Duvall, (who joins me in our new collaboration, has come up with a way of preventing even more spam from bots with some clever thinking about how they operate. His devise is even easier to implement thatn invisible captcha but he hasn’t written a Word Press plugin for it yet.

If your going to be in California and want wholesale prices for some of the most amazing blown glass work you have ever seen and Woodstock/420-like culture products in the world… check  out the expo. It will be all be in Santa Monica May 11 & 12 at the Barker Hangar.