Another Blade in the Wind – Clean Energy Progresses on Maui

I discussed in an article in 2008 how First Winds Kahea Wind Project situated on Ukemehame Ridge was on line and pouring 30 megawatts into Maui’s grid. That’s approximately 9-30% of Maui’s power needs depending on the hour. I also noted in that article that Shell Wind Energy and Ulupalakua Ranch had jointly issued a statement of an upcoming wind farm in Ulupalakua. Well the time to start that project has arrived and though some of the names have changed it appears Maui will have a second wind-farm coming online near December 2012 (despite the fervent calls for a world apocalypse). The Maui News reports that Auwahi Wind Energy LLC., a joint venture of Ulupalakua Ranch and Sempra Generation of San Diego are ready to get this ball rolling. Maui will now have from 15% – 40% of its energy needs met daily by wind power alone. A few more wind farms and we could be free of burning both oil and bagasse, a most disgusting form of energy generation that includes the open burning of thousands of square acres of cane at a time. Let’s keep our fingers uncrossed and working on solutions Maui. And cheers to Ulupalakua Ranch for having the foresight to bring the island into the 21st century.