Alysia McKee Jewelry Smith Extraordinaire.

Check out the awesome artwork of Alysia Mckee on her website where she displays the finest minute sculpture in jewelry form that you’ve probably ever seen.

Click any piece to see closeup on McKee Arts.

Alysia has been working in silver and gold since 1992 and was mentored by some of Maui’s finest jewelsmiths.

She comes from a family of fine artists and you can see the immense amount of attention she pays to detail; and the exquisiteness of her free flowing forms.

If you have a loved one you want to give a gift that grows in value and says you care in a unique and beautiful way stop by McKee Arts and browse the many fine pieces of her portfolio for sale.

Some pieces are available immediately, others may take a week or two for her to make for you and custom orders may take a little bit longer.

With Alysia’s work, you’re making the best choice for artistic jewelry and wearable art.